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Plate Curing and Drying chamber is the key equipment during producing storage battery. Our HSGG-03(gas or fuel) Curing and drying chamber is a compact and intellectualized equipment. For the operating mode, there are two. One is hand operating; the other is auto operating .Users can choose the best one basing on their own status. It can auto finish plate curing and drying without anyone stays or takes care, which is considered as the best specialized equipment in storage battery industry. 


◆We choose the imported burner which has steady quality and high burning efficiency.

◆We also choose the strong wind blasting blower which works steady, transfers heat timely and blasts evenly.

◆In the meantime, we adopt the latest frequency inverter technology to adjust the wind of blast blower device, which can provide proper air flow in the processes of curing and drying.

◆The atomized muzzle is also adopted in this equipment, which assure enough oxygen and water in the process of plate curing, and raise the humidity rapidly.

◆The adopted hermetic heat exchange box, radiates to large area. It has high heating efficiency that heats in high speed and shortens time for drying plate.

◆However, the imported humiture sensor is resistant in high temperature and has long life time.

◆The programmable logic controller (PLC) and touch screen is reliable in controlling. User can separately set the parameters of temperature, humidity and time, etc according to the different requirements of technology in curing and drying process. It also has the function of limit for temperature exceeds that assure the safety of plate.