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Detailed Parameters
Detailed Instruction

This equipment is mainly designed to: cast and weld of medium and small lead-acid batteries and automatically slot battery groups, instead of the shortcomings of manual welding, it saves labor and material cost, features high efficiency and clean and green production.

Technical parameters:

Casting and welding speed: 50 ~ 100 seconds / cycle

Air Source: Compressed Air 0.6MPa、Air consumption 1m³/min

Water consumption: 2L ~ 4L/min

Appearance dimension:1100mm(L)X1200mm(W)X 2650mm(H)

Net weight: approximate 1T


Motorcycle Battery

UPS Battery

Electric vehicle batteries

Other batteries   

Applicability to battery grid:

Lead-antimony alloy grid

Lead-calcium alloy grid


alloy grid

Other alloys