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Our BGD-03 plate surface drying line is a special fast surface drying machine for pasted plates. It is characterized by reasonable structure, simple operations, and high productivity. It is a special machine used with the plate pasting machine.

This machine mainly consists of the combustion system, heated air circulation system, plate conveying system, and electrical control system.


◆It adopts the full-automatic burner and advanced combustion technique and fuel gas is fully burned with high heat efficiency and quick temperature rise.

◆It adopts double-surface heated air drying technique to make the surface of plates get drying quickly.

◆It uses the large capacity dehumidification fan that dehumidifies heated air in time.

◆It owns inverter speed regulation, providing you with convenient and simple operations.

◆It has intelligent-instrument constant-temperature control to make temperature   more stable.

◆It uses special structure and special material to prevent being rotten,and so can get long life,and to avoid vibration or being rotten that will cause the chain spoiled and shorten its life.


Dimension: 13.8m (Length) ×2.7m(Height) ×0.8m(Width)

Applicable maximum plate: 360mm (Length) ×160mm(Width) ×4mm(Thickness)

Production capacity: 80-160 pcs/min

Total power: 16KW

Heating media: natural gas/ LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)     

Gas consumption (LPG): 6-11Kg/h

Maximum drying temperature: ~250℃/