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Detailed Parameters
Detailed Instruction

The complete machines can automatically control the drying temperature according to value set in each stage of the entire course about automatic control on fuel consumption.

We us high temperature as heating medium to quickly dry the products, and it will be favorable to oxidation resistance of plate.

We adjust speed by consistently operating speed stepless, the entire process of drying takes time of 20min to 100min. We can adjust the time according to the requirement of process.The tunnel temperature of each section can be freely set and controlled according to the requirement of process.

The fuel we use is diesel oil or liquefied gas.

Main technical parameters:

External dimensions:25mX0.8mX1.8m (L.W.H)

The maximum applicable sheet grating standard:400mmX250mm (W.H)

Productive capacity: 3000~5000sheet/hour (negative plate),2000~3000sheets/hour (positive plate)

Water content of plate:≤0.3%