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Detailed Parameters
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Traction batteries are mainly used for locomotives, electric forklifts and automatic navigation power golf cars. The separator should have characters like small pore size, good resilience to prevent active material on negative plate from dropping off, low impurity to prevent battery self- discharge, strong mechanical strength to prevent damage caused by handling, assembly and friction, and protection against strong penetration of the plate.Excellent antioxidant ability.

Thickness tolerance(mm) ±5% Basic weight(g/㎡mm) 160±5%(20Kpa) Strength(KN/m) ≥0.42d
Max pore diameter(μm) ≤22 Acid wicking g/g ≥5.5(50Kpa) Resistance(Ωd㎡/mm) ≤0.0003
Resilience(%) ≥94 Porosity(%) ≥92 Climb acid height ≥80(mm/5min)
Water content(%) ≤0.5 Acid loss weight(%) ≤3.0 Climb acid height ≥680(mm/24h)
Iron(%) ≤0.003 Chlorine(%) ≤0.003 Loss ignition(%) 3-6.5