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AGM separator for start- stop battery: For the cars with hybrid and 48V micro- hybrid power system, when the car engine stops running, rapid discharge of the battery is required and high capacity is necessary to cope with the engine shutdown. Multiple high current discharges are happening during the period of car stop to maintain the normal operation of all electrical appliances in the car. When the engine starts up, the start up system will be lighted up immediately, and the battery has to be charged quickly in case of sudden shutdown and start up, so the start- stop battery has strong output capacity and powerful charge/ discharge cycle ability. It can provide power supply under condition of long hours and high speed, that is to say, battery still has strong starting capacity even under the condition of low power, strong seismic resistance, large battery capacity, suitable for fast discharge and multiple high current discharge.


With the gradual improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, reducing car emissions has become a common understanding of important economies around the world. At present, the main way to reduce car emissions is to adopt hybrid electric vehicle or pure electric vehicle, AGM battery is the first choice for start-stop batteries .One of the core technologies of AGM battery is the application of AGM separator. In 2010, AGM start-stop separator which developed and manufactured by our company has the characteristics like high tensile strength,long lifetime, moderate pore size, high porosity, low resistance, low impurity,small self-discharge, fast charge and discharge speed, good resilience, high ability to protect active material on negative plate from dropping off, good fiber combination performance,good elongation and air permeability of the plate is good.The successful development of this separator accelerates the development of new energy vehicles, fill the gap in domestic market and reach advanced level in international market, it gets great attention by foreign automobile battery manufacturers once it launched to the market, our separators begin to be used in luxury cars word widely.