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Detailed Parameters
Detailed Instruction

General / Key Performance

Machine Type: Ultrasonic High Speed Disperser

Orientaion: Vertical

Mixer Type: Dispersing Wheel

Throughput Rate: up to 1,500 l/h

Control: Touch-Screen Controller (PLC)

Operaion: Pass Operation or Inline Operation

Function: for Viscous Fluids Dispering and Homogenizing

Application: Battery Slurry, Coatings, Cosmetics, etc.

Description / Working Principle

LONGLY inline dispersers combine a new dispersion method, in which slurry goes into dispering cylinder bottom and then pass through high speed dispersing wheel with holes vertically. These high speed dispersers are suitable for processing both low- and high-viscosity suspensions, it covers the complete spectrum of applications for dispersion technology. Compared to conventional rotor-stator systems, LGF series inline dispersers use considerably less energy to disperse your products while result in homogeneous, fine dispersions with very reproducible quality – all at high efficiency levels in a controlled process.