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Detailed Parameters
Detailed Instruction

General / Key Performance

Machine Type: Planetary Mixer

Orientation: Vertical

Effective Volume: 5L-1,500L

Working Principle: Planetary System

Control: Touch-Screen Controller (PLC)

Operation Mode: Batch Operation

Function: for Viscous Fluids Kneading and Mixing

Application: Laboratory to Production Line

Option: Vacuum

Description / Working Principle

Designed for the use of change vessels, which grants in combination with a hydraulic press out system, a complete emptying of the vessel, LONGLY XJ Series Planertary Mixers are ideal for mixing and kneading viscous pastes under atmospheric or vacuum conditions. Many options including jacketing for heating or cooling, vacuum or pressure, various speed drives, etc. are available.

Planetary System

Planetary mixers operate according to the planetary system.

The mixing elements rotate on a central axis in a fixed tank, with each element simultaneously rotating on its own axis as well.

The double rotary motion of the mixing elements covers the entire mixing zone and guarantees optimal dispersion.

The revolving wall/floor scrapers support the mixing/kneading process while also providing for good heat transfer to the tank wall.