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Scope of application:
6-row double-stack
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Suzhou Tanabe Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd
Detailed Parameters
Detailed Instruction
Item RHK 
 Loading Capacity  6-row double-stack
 Sagger size    330*330*140
 Temperature  <800℃
 Length  60m
Atmosphere Protection  Nitrogen
 Structure Arch roof for heating section and flat roof for heat preservation


Technical features:

Thanks to good atmosphere and temperature distribution, cleaner kiln environment, as well as multi-chamber and ultra-long kiln body design, the product features more production capacity, lower unit energy consumption, and an automatic loading/unloading system.

 1. High gas-tight design: The sealing of roller drive part is enhanced while that of furnace body is optimized. . 

 2. Transmission stability design: Universal joint, safety pin, and broken roller detection.

 3. Atmosphere uniformity improvement design: Increased temperature of both sides of sagger and materials, reduced temperature difference between the sections, and improved temperature uniformity. 

 4. Use of low energy consumption materials: The newly-used block (Pyro-Block) has low heat transfer rate, which can reduce heat loss and lower the surface temperature by 5-10℃. 

 5. Optimized exhaust emission: Gas exhaust structure, industrial burner, and exhaust gas heat exchange tube.