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High Nickle NMC RHK
RHK + Automation lines system
Scope of application:
6-row single-/double-stack, 4-row double-stack
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Suzhou Tanabe Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd
Detailed Parameters
Detailed Instruction
Items RHK + Automation lines system
Loading Capacity 6-row single-/double-stack, 4-row double-stack
Temperature up to 1200℃ 
Length 8~60M
Atmosphere  Ambient air, oxygen
Others Fully automatic loading and unloading by automation lines system

Technical features:

→Excellent material sintering process provide basic conditions for stable operation of the kiln.

→Precise temperature control

→Uniform atmosphere

→Structurally stable

→Energy saving and consumption reduction

1.Temperature control: Thermal layout/fluid design, silicon carbon rod, and intake pre-heat.

2. Atmosphere control: uUniform air admission and accurate oxygen supplementation.

3. Stable structure: Stable furnace chamber, temperature partition, water-proof cotton block, and drive safety.

4. Energy saving and consumption reduction: High power factor, and high productivity.

5. Optimization and improvement: The layout of blower helps improve the sidewall heat transfer, and the inlet displacement chamber effectively improves the air cooling.