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Lead Paste Mixing Machine
prodution capacity(lead(p)/kg/batch):
mixing time(min/batch):
30~45mins (Made based on the customer’s requirement)
storage bucket volume:
total installed power:
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Detailed Parameters
Detailed Instruction

Capacity: 1000Kg/time

Mixing Time: 30~45mins (Made based on the customer’s requirement)

Acid Tank Volume and Material: 120KG, PP

Water Tank Volume and Material: 150KG, PP

Mixing Drum Diameter: 2050mm      Motor Power: 45KW

Cone Feeder Capacity: 1.5T      Motor Power: 4KW

Vibrating Motor Power: 1.5KW

Material of the Blade and Mixing Wing: 1Cr18Ni9ti stainless steel


* The paste mixing machine adopts Mitsubishi touch screen and Mitsubishi PLC programming to achieve centralized control;

* The inner drum where touch the paste adopts 1Cr18Ni9ti stainless steel plate (thickness: 6mm~16mm);

* The multi-point mixing teeth are uniformly distributed for complete and even mixing;

* The particular large area of water cooling system in the side wall and bottom ensures rapid cooling and improves the technical performance greatly.  

* With high production, stable operation and low pollution.

* Ideal equipment for making 4Pbo.PbSo4

* Air chiller: the negative pressure blower will be opened all the time. Controlled by the cylinder, the damper will be opened while the system needs air cooling.


Support Material: Q235 steel  

There are totally 5pcs weighing sensors, 3pcs in the silo, 1pc in the water tank and 1pc in the acid tank.