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HVO Series Vertical Curing Oven magazine type
Scope of application:
NEW Energy、Smart phone(include PCB and FPC)、Tablet PC、Smart Home、 Automatic electronic、Medical products、Semiconductor and so on
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HB HBZ series Vertical Curing Oven
Fully automatic online production  Room saving  Energy saving

Application field of vertical curing oven:

1. NEW Energy;
2. Smart phone(include PCB and FPC);
3. Tablet PC;
4. Smart Home;
5. Automatic electronic;
6. Medical products;
7. Semiconductor and so on

Core technology and advantages

Full automatic production, manpower saving, high production efficiency

The automatic PCB conveyor inlet and output functions completely avoids PCB handing by manual operation.

Save the floor space, the production line plan is more flexible

Compare with one 10 meter tunnel oven, the vertical curing oven length only 2 meters, which big reduces plant usage. Production line planning is more flexible and convenient. 

Temperature control precision, improved the curing quality results

Temperature control accuracy at ±1℃. Perfect temperature uniform in the oven. Good results for curing quality to make products quality.


Well use of heat energy  Good thermal insulation  Less energy consumption

Take advantage of the basic principle of upward movement of hot air. With the advanced thermal insulation technology of HB, the heat loss in the furnace is less, and the production is more energy saving.


Technical Specificaiton for HBZ series Vertical Curing Oven