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Shenyang Xinmei Full energy Equipment Co., LTD
Shenyang xinmei whole energy equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the northeast of the largest city, known as" once the birthplace, two generations of emperors are "said - Shenyang, our company has nearly 20 years of coating belt production experience, I plant independent research and development, production, sales in one.  Has a strong research and development innovation ability, the product series include circular plate is painted, casting machine, casting machine under etc series products, this product has passed the relevant domestic double coated machine Lord factory quality authentication And double coating machine for its established long-term cooperative partnership, baoding Las Vegas sun energy co., LTD., coated board with appointed suppliers,  And exported to Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Africa and other countries.  
In supporting the use of battery coating plate with users, our engineering and technical personnel have visited hundreds of coating plate with the use of enterprises, on the basis of good after-sales service, continuous development and innovation, our factory advanced production technology, strong technical force, strong supply capacity, is a reliable partner of battery manufacturers.  We will sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to order with high quality products and first-class service.  Also according to user requirements, special design and production."  
Main Products
Waste recycling belt


specifications:According to customer requirements

performance:According to customer requirements

product material:According to customer requirements

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cast pannel strip

product model:NY

specifications:According to customer requirements

high-temp resistance coefficient:100~380

service life:According to customer requirements

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Double coated strip

model:5.5x420x1770、6x400x2050、6x500x2050、8x700x2540 etc.


applicable equipment:金阳光双面涂板机、武汉海蓝涂板机

specifications:5.5x420x1770、6x400x2050、6x500x2050、8x700x2540 etc.

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